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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> a damp and dreary start to the day. storm scan3 shows more rain on the way for our weekends. >> and, the trump administration issues warning to the city of philadelphia. why it could mean the loss of millions of dollars in funding. >> today is saturday, april 22nd, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. a gloomy weekend ahead, unfortunately, but are we talking about a wash out? let's get over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast. good saturday morning, matt. tell me, any sunshine in site?
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little bit? >> i want to say that we'll have some today, i just don't see it. i don't want to lie to the folks. >> i know. >> but tomorrow, tomorrow, might not be bad afternoon. >> something to look forward to. >> so we have light at the end of the tunnel. figure tiffly and literally. >> i'll take it. >> yes, little bit of the showers for us today, of course, seeing them already, move across storm scan3 radar. and even though we see, do see some of the rain, it is not too bad across the entire area. a wash out after morning. taking a look outside right now, up near the broad heads ville, looking at 50 degrees, you can see, maybe few breaks in the clouds in the far northern suburbs of philadelphia, but, don't be surprised if those clouds thicken back up pretty quickly. then we also look for maybe few showers. now much different scene here across center city, 55 degrees, for our temperature, little bit of fog, a little bit of mist maybe out there already, northerly winds at 10 miles an hour to go along with that
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cooler and just kind of dreary start to the day. and again, unfortunately, no real sunshine for us in the forecast. here is storm scan3, radar, you can see the majority of the precipitation still off to our west, and to the south areas baltimore, washington, toward hagerstown, maryland, seeing the heaviest rain extending all the way back down into northern parts of north carolina, that frontal system starts to move north. that is does it, bridges the shower in, maybe even isolated rumble every under this where it, 50's across the area, getting look at the day planner for today. fifty-six by about noontime. not rapid warm up by any stretch. we will get to 60 later this afternoon, again, with the showers in the forecast, as well. talking about drier sunday, and then more rain next week, it is all coming up in your seven day forecast, jan? >> thank you, now 6:02, time to check the roads, let's go over to amanda mueller at the traffic center. >> jan, major looks being good wide look, 95, the vine, 76, all looking good. turnpike running smoothly.
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in new jersey we do have tree in the roadway new freedom road between church and ears town road. as you can see, everything running pretty much as speed, so good time to be headed out early this saturday morning. however, if you live or work near the art museum, you are well aware of the road closure for the nfl draft. the ben franklin parkway, eakin's oval are affect the tonight get around that use 76. unfortunately phase three of closures due to start monday. for more information visit our website at cbsphilly.comment taking live look at 95 at race street, almost no volume out there right now. in the cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, jan, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. new this morning, police looking for gunman and a motive after a shooting in north philadelphia. this shooting happened at 18th a avenue after midnight when someone shot 24 year old man several times in the chills. the victim is now in critical condition, at temple university hospital, so far no word on a suspect. and investigators are also looking into a shooting in delaware county. a person was shot just after 3:00 this morning, near
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22nd and crozer streets in chester. there is no word on that person's condition, or what led to that shooting. >> well, the trump administration is issuing an ultimatum to philadelphia and other sanctuary cities. it is telling the city to comply with federal immigration authorities, or lose more than a million dollars in law enforcement funding. david spunt has reaction from local officials. >> anyone who has entered the united state illegally is subject to deportation. >> from the beginning, then candidate donald trump did not hide his feelings about immigration, and sanctuary cities like philadelphia. >> it is our right, as a sovereign nation, to choose immigrants, that we think are the likely he is to thrive and flourish and love us. >> the president followed through on his threats to strip san too area cities of funding just hours ago when the department of justice sent this letter to philadelphia mayor jim kenney. warning him to comply with
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federal law or lose funding. allen hanson wrote, quote, failure to comply with this condition could result in the withholding of grant funds. suspension, or termination of the grants. >> he's talking about a little more than $1.6 million in annual federal money, that helps philadelphia's law enforcement efforts. add that up, and it could mean millions during trump's tenure. the administration is threatening to pull the annual grant, unless it sees proof, that local philadelphia law enforcement shares information about undocumented immigrants with federal authority. >> it is a serious letter. >> chip beck serra attorney with kline inspector specialize in the federal court cases says the city has good argument to keep it funding in the tenth amendment of the constitution. >> there is a principal called the anti-commandeering principal. and that prohibit the federal government from punishing a state or local government that refuses to enforce federal
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law. >> i asked to speak to mayor kenney in person for ain't view. his offers sent me a statement instead, quote, we have been aware of the requirements to certify since 2016. and we believe there is nothing in our current policy that prohibit us from certifying. the city of philadelphia has until june 30th to respond to the attorney general of the united states. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." this time next week the trump administration will complete it first 100 days. in the oval office, president trump met with an aid worker released after nearly three years in an egyptian prison. the president south the release, during his recent meeting with egypt's president, he also signed executive orders, calling for a review of the 2016 tax regulations, and the financial reform law. >> these regulations end shrine too big to fail and encourage risky behavior. >> now the president also
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promised a big announcement next week on tax reform. >> well, we're just five days away now from the nfl draft right here in philadelphia. and people are getting worried about road closures and traffic restrictions around the ben franklin parkway. so three road closures, which includes shutting down a big chunk of the parkway, begins monday night. and the last set of closures goes into effect tuesday ahead of the draft starting on thursday night. stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" as we countdown to the nfl draft, again, that's right here in philadelphia. >> in other news this morning, the testify i have rink east town school district suspended connestoga employee with intent to fire him. arthur phillips every wayne, instructional aid in the school's television production studio, is charged with sexually assaulting a student. the victim tells police, she had sex with phillips, on more than ten occasions, and that phillips groped her in a school office, and his car. the two also allegedly exchanged explicit text messages, phillips is now
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behind bars. >> police have charged a driver with third degree murder after a crash on i-95. officers tried to stop arthur lewis early friday morning the crash killed passenger and injured two other, police say they also found drugs in lewis' pocket. >> well, vineland police asking for the public's help this morning in identify ago nail throwing vandal. police say this man on the motorcycle here is wanted for dumping roofing nails onto driveways of two local businesses earlier this week. the act of vandalism left unsuspecting drivers with who are than 30 damaged tires, and this isn't the first time this vandal has struck. >> first year, we were pretty sure it was a disgruntled plow eye that we had let go. so we didn't pursue anything with the local police. and then we were hit again last year, and the same thing. it has been real interruption for us, it could have caused
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some real harm to some people driving home. >> now, if you recognize this man, police want to hear from you. >> a shooting in ogontz, leaves one man in the hospital, and another thankfully he escaped un almost. the gunfire errupted thursday night, at 15th and conlin street. twenty-seven year old victim was hit multiple times and was driven to the hospital for surgery another man shaken up but not hurt when stray bullet went through his window every his home narrowly missing him as he slept. two men who police say tossed guns from a car near the scene were brought in for questioning. >> french investigators say the man who killed a police officer, and wounded three others in paris, had a note on him defending isis. authority believe the attack was captured on this cell phone video. they say it appears to show the suspect's car next to a police van, and two men with weapons drawn. one officers wars killed and two other officers wounded in the shooting on the champs elysees thursday night. a woman also wounded.
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kareem served time for previous assaults on law enforcement. >> prince william, prince harry, are opening up about the painful loss of their mother, princess diana. they sat down with the dutch he is every cambridge giving the most candid comments since their mother died in a car crash nearly 20 years ago. amber austin wright has the story from london. >> reporter: a rare candid conversation between siblings, britain's young royals have opened up even further about their own personal struggles, including the death of prince william and harry's mother, princess diana. >> i do think it is incredible how strong and how you being able to cope. also the relationship that you have got, amazing. >> prince william's wife kate even spoke about her own adjustment to parenthood. >> i remember the first few days, no idea really what you
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are doing, no matter how many books you read, nothing. >> there is no training that teaches you how. you learn through generations, and you translate it into what you want to do. >> it has been unprecedented week of revelations as the royals work to raise awareness about mental health. even brought in celebrities like lady gaga who shared their struggles. >> when you wake up, you're so tired, you're so sad, you're so full of anxiety, and the shakes, that you can barely think. but it was like saying this is a part of me, and that's okay. >> the royals say even a simple conversation could be the first step toward healing. >> like form of medicine. >> cbs news, london. >> and speaking of the royals, queen elizabeth turned 91 years old on friday. she spent the day watching horse races. military salute all across the uk marks the occasion.
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queen elizabeth is britain's longest range monarch. happy birthday to the queen. >> well, still ahead: massive brush fire evacuates an entire neighborhood. plus, they say, lightning does not strike twice, right? but this video may proof otherwise. and a sweet tribute for retiring candy maker. the inspiring story, that will warm your heart. that's next.
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>> close to 100 wild fires are threatening thousands of homes in central and southwest florida. governor rick scott has ordered five blackhawk helicopter to fight the flames and the florida national guard to evacuate homeowners. investigators believe at least one of the fires was deliberately set. >> i can tell the arsonist, you see this fire, it is hot, we're going to be a lot hotter on you until we get in you jail. >> since thursday, more than 25,000 acres have burned in florida. >> well, this is proof that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, at least that's the saying, right? well, apparently it is a mitt, because the two lightning strikes here lit up the night sky in toll lay, texas. that's about 120 miles northwest of fort worth. a slow motion view of the strike shows two distinct bolt of lightning hitting the same spot. incredible video there. i love how these cell phone cameras and these dashboard
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cameras can catch these things. before we didn't usually be able to play them. but that's incredible. nothing like that around here, though, right? >> no thunder and lightning for us. i'm with you, i like all of the cool weather videos, then, i'm kind of weather nerd. it comes with the territory, i guess. >> part of your resume. >> that was pretty cool video. again, nothing like that across the delaware valley. we do have some rain that's developing, but again, no thunderstorm activity for us. weather watchers are up early on on a saturday morning, couple every folks giving us temperature readings here, this morning, let's check out the cherry hill area. we are looking this morning, right around the 50 mark or so. from kerry higgins, 53 degrees in mt. laurel this morning, little bit of cloud cover out there. again, the good news, no rain just yet. but the rain is in the forecast. as we go back to our map, we go up toward the trenton area, lawrenceville, peter, 54 degrees for you, also, that cloudy sky, going on, but again, no precipitation just yet. now none of the watchers in the delaware area have
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reported anything but that's where we're starting to see a little bit of that rain develop, again, our frontal system slowly tracking north or south to north across the delaware valley, and continuing to see the rain through the afternoon hours today. and then possibly into some areas of this evening, as well. before we could dry things out, for our sunday. so here is the storm scan3. again, most of the precipitation well down to our south and west. you can see, some more moderate rainfall just crossing from north caroline into south-central virginia. also, some reports of some thunder and maybe little lightning pittsburgh earlier in the morning, that again area of precipitation starting to fizzle out as it moves across the lower highland. now, the low itself kind of picking up all of the moisture and the frontal system, one low just offer the boston coast, and then the other one is just down to our south. and then again, there is big front that's goes inbetween the two. so right now most of the precipitation is feeding on moisture that's being brought in from that low that's off to our north feeding it off the atlantic ocean, that's why
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areas like baltimore, washington getting some rain this morning, but again, the philadelphia area we're dry currently, but all of this precipitation is moving toward us, by the end of our show here, probably within the hour, be starting to see some of the rain move n by lunchtime, definitely be looking at showers, take the umbrella with you. if you are up early this morning, and you're thinking to yourself, do i need the raincoat, do i need to take the umbrella, not raining just yet, yes, do you, just to keep yourself safe from the wetness that we will be seeing, you can see, moderate to heavy rainfall southern new jersey, wildwood around the atlantic city area maybe heavier rain there. doesn't look like we will see any thunderstorm activity, again, much more lighter precipitation off to the west. by mid-afternoon, starting to clear things out, especially into the poconos, even here, in the philadelphia area, and back down into central new jersey, we start it clear things out by the time we get into about the mid afternoon or so. by 7:00 this evening, just spotty shower or two. looks like it should be dry. by that point. then even into tomorrow morning, no rain for us on
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sunday, we start the day out with some cloud cover, as we go through the afternoon hours, that cloud cover will actually kind of thin, so see some sunshine for us, on sunday afternoon, that's some good news, we will also be dry, so we will end the weekends, on fairly nice note. temperatures, waking up this morning, in philadelphia, to 55 degrees. trenton, it is 53. atlantic city also at 536789 dover, 55, wilmington, 56. but probably feels little cooler because of the rain that's falling. forty-five this morning in mount pocono, do be prepared for those cooler temperatures as we look for high temperature today of right only around 06 degrees. going to the cherry and white game today, 56 for our temperature right around lunchtime or so. but be prepared. take the poncho. take the raincoat or the umbrella, because it could maybe have stray sprinkle or two. up early, maybe thinking of driving to state college, blue-white weekend, mostly cloudy: for kick off. 54 degrees at 3:00. for kick off there. 60 degrees for our high temperature today, as they say, trying to clear going through the nighttime hours
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tonight, should be relatively dry 45 for the overnight low temperature this evening. here is that seven day forecast, 63 on sunday, with some sunshine out there. chilly, rainy, with mostly cloudy skies monday, only high of 58. we will see the last day for rain in the seven day forecast on tuesday, and then, 70s wednesday, thursday, and friday. jan? >> matt, thank you. well, summer right around the corner now, and with it, that crappy craving. but get ready to pay some pennies, price for favorite seafood is going up. shortage of crab meat in asia is to blame. it usually comes from the philippines, thailand, but both nations have under produced this year. that means, the price per pound of lump crab meat can be up to 100% higher. that breaks down to about an extra $10 per pound. say it ain't so. i need my crab cakes. i'll just pay, i guess? if you've her a dumb dumb lollipop, good chance he made t a candy maker who helps make more than 50 billion of them,
6:21 am
hung up his aim ron friday for the last time. dane has more on the candy maker's retirement. >> what's your favorite dumb dumb flavor? everyone has one. since 1969 al braun has watched them fly by 12 million a day. there are many like him at the factory, the faces behind the child hood favorite. but not many with his tenure or experience. >> i've done pretty much everything. i've cooked, candycanes, i've worked where the marshmallow peanut are made, and for the last 25 years, i've been running baggers. >> news every his retirement exploded on social media. over 25 million views on facebook and twitter. >> watched his last bag go by today, sharing the experience with his family. >> it is kind of bittersweet in a way. i'm glad that i'm leaving because it is time.
6:22 am
>> many would finds this work to be tedious, and man the just, but he said he wouldn't change a thing. >> there is no perfect place to work. you're going to have days where things are good, days where things are bad, but there is no perfect place. this has been a good place for me. >> al said he's not sure what retirement will hold, but he's going to enjoy it. which is a good reflection of his favorite flavor. >> i like the mystery. because you never know what you're going to get inside of that wrapper. >> well said. he also said he lovers how the candy bridges people happiness and joy, the candy factory and in brian, ohio, has been producing sweet treat for over 100 years, i, myself, love the orange. kentucky fried chicken has a new colonel sandersment actor rob lowe. west wing starred is the latest second lit i to par tray the original kfc icon who died back in 1980. in this new ad, low dresses in a space suit to announce kfc
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newest chicken sandwich. there you have it. sounds look good weekend to go to the movies. still ahead, hear from catherine heigl,
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>> the queen of hip hop and soul herself, marry jay blige, will perform at the free july 4th concert. phillies own boyz ii men will be hon orders at the celebration every freedom ceremony on july 4th at independence hall, this is the 25th anniversary of the welcome america celebration. and, intense psychological thriller, may leave audiences
6:26 am
with a unforgettable impression. rick with a preview. >> gorgeous, intelligent. there was a time when i thought we were on the road to getting back together. then he met you. >> catherine highing sell a jealous ex-wife pushed over the edge, when her former husband's new fiancee played by rosario dawson, enters the picture in unforgettable. >> you took everything away from me. >> the two wage an all out war for love as one tries to create the perfect life, while the other tries to hold onto it. >> it is mine. >> so many women deal with this very awkward dynamic of a first wife and a second wife. and blended families and we have seen a lot of women kinds of go crazy trying to deal with it. and i wanted to create the female villain, that was terrifying, and chilling, but also, really relating, that
6:27 am
was dealing with things that we all deal with. >> despite the extremes, her character goes to, heigl reveals she is relateable. >> what really brought me there, helped me sort of dive into it, i was having some compassion for her, having some empathy what i felt was overwhelming fear of a future without this family that she had thought was her perfect creation. >> dawson says the characters gave the cast plenty to work with. >> got to really finds compassion for people that normally would just be like you're the bad guy. >> there is real reason why people make these small choices big and large, that all kind of can build into directions that maybe we do or don't want to go in. >> actress cheryle lad says the movie could be compared to classic film. >> said this generation's fatal attraction, it has got that impact. >> no hollywood. >> gearing up for the nfl draft. in our next half hour right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news," new details about the security plan for the big event, and the latest travel restrictions that could make it tough to get around next week. >> and, not the brightest start to a saturday morning, right? we'll let you know when the best time will be to get outside this weekend. we'll be
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>> a live look at storm scan3, showers, are making their way into our area. we will tell when you you might see some sunshine this weekend. >> in you love his trip, you will love the american revolution, in old city, what you can expect when the doors open later this morning. >> also, this morning, on earth day, the future of the environment. why, according to a new study, most americans think it will only get worse. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. well, i don't mow what it means, but mother nature sending us gloomy week toned celebrate earth day. right out to meteorologist, matt peterson on the skydeck with eyewitness weather. is it raining out there yet, matt? >> no, no rain just yet, but just in case i do have our handy eyewitness weather umbrella, so, if it does rain, you know, i'll put it up. keep us nice and dry. good news right now, no rain in the philadelphia area just yet. but it is going to be on the way, it looks maybe even in the next half hour or so we start to get shower activity
6:32 am
here within the metro outside currently, if you are up at the kutztown area, it is a not as bad morning, we actually had little bit after break in the clouds just couple every minutes ago, as the sun comes up. but, the clouds are thickening pretty quickly, back up, 52 degrees right now. again, in the kutztown area. so, again, northern parts, northern suburbs, little bit cool this morning. we are continuing to track those showers as they move from south to north. and also west to east across the delaware valley. we saw shower activity early this morning in central delaware, now moving into southern parts of new jersey, as women, even toward the coastline. getting some showers this morning. while we've stayed dry in philadelphia, it will get wet this afternoon. so, if you are up early this morning, thinking to yourself, man, it is not too bad, we don't have the rain, take the raincoat or umbrella with you if you are planning on headed out the door right now or even just maybe half hour or so, because it could be a little bit on the wet side.
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forty-five mount pocono, looking at 55 here in philly, itself. and looking at 53, head down toward atlantic sit where we are starting to get little bit of the shower activity. rest of our day, across the different regions, 60 degrees for the high in philly. going with the cooler than average temperatures, rainy day for us, through most of the afternoon. as we get into the shore points, 56 for our temperatures there, so little bit cooler, and then even cooler still out towards the poconos coming in at 51. so, jan, we breakdown when the rain actually gets here and how long it lasts, it does look like we we get little sunshine tomorrow. coming up in just a bit. >> jan, live look at 95 at girard, little bit of building volume, 76, the vine, all running smoothly, mass transit looking good, as well. how much, do have downed tree in new jersey that has new freedom road closed between
6:34 am
church and earstown road. not causing big back up, but not many people are out on the roadways, best to avoid it if you k also, advisory for folks planning on taking the turnpike late tonight. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound will be closed between bensalem and the delaware river bridge, for construction, that begins at midnight. schedule last until 6:00 tomorrow morning. live look, amanda mueller, back to you. >> thank you. it is only five days until the nfl draft right here in philadelphia, and the city is no strange err to planning and protecting large scale event. so there is should be no surprise, there will be tight security. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff more on the preparations around the ben franklin parkway. >> i thought it was a concert at first. >> huge sport fan, great to see us here, see everyone come out to the sit. >> i everyone meaning tens every thousands sports fans, filling the access areas from
6:35 am
eakin oval to the grand stage on the art museum steps. >> using the parkway as our event, footprint, we are very familiar with it. >> similarly, to what chicago hosed last year, perimeter that includes trucks, anbar kids, will surround much of the event for safety. as for the men of honor, officers will assist the nfl in providing security for players. >> additional officers will also patrol some of the tourist hot spots. >> our plan to cover most of the attractions we feel people might gravitate too either during the event or after the event. we all know the philadelphia spots, people want to see when they're here. >> getting around might also take some getting used to as police will designate pick up, drop off areas by the parkway for those using ride share apps. >> of course do you need tickets to get inside of the draft theater but the rest of the nfl experience is free. only thing to get full access to that you do have to download the nfl fan mobile pass. reporting from the parkway, alexandria hoff, cbs-3,
6:36 am
"eyewitness news." >> philadelphia closed roads and restricted traffic near the art museum, for the draft, closures expands next week, too, phase three of the road closures kicks in on monday, the parkway will close from 20th street to the art museum, then, phase four takes effect on tuesday for complete list of closures go to philadelphia the birth place of america. now, has new museum. to share the stories of the people who started it all. this is the first weekends the museum of the american revolution is open for business. live where the doors open in just a fewer hours, good morning, anita. >> after the grand opening wednesday, as you said the public will be able to experience this museum, this weekend when the doors open, at 9:30. joining me now, scott stevenson, the vice president.
6:37 am
>> we'll shower that role, anyway, we are standing in one of the rooms of this 118,000 square foot building. what is this in this room and can you describe some of the things that we're looking in the. >> sure. so there are 16 galleries and small theatres in our core exhibition hereof about 16,000 square feet. final gallery, explores the federal constitution, the constitution of 1789, takes you through the first congress, the creation of the american republic, some of the way the citizens were to be educated both at home and through formal schooling. has some hands on activities all peoples you. and you pass about half of the
6:38 am
surviving photographs. these are photographs from the mid 19th century people who were arrived during the revolutionary war, born before 1783, some of them soldiers, some of them children at the time. at least one american indian ever have ran who served during the revolutionary war, incredible to be able to look in the eyes every some of the people who witness the stirring events every our nation's founding. >> i think people are very surprised that they can actually see these faces, see these photographs. i think one of the real nice parts about this is are the hands-on experiences here, especially for children, after so many time went into the museum, what's it meaning to have it open and people experience this? >> incrediblement for me personally, little over ten years, since i started working on the project. in many ways 110 year old start up, started with the ac which significance every george washington war tent, now on display in the museum. that was acquired back in the
6:39 am
early 20th century, and so it is just been the culmination of generations of effort to try to create a museum, here in philadelphia, telling the story of our nation's founding founding. >> the drum cover is here playing saturday, sunday have, costume reenactors here interacting with the public. we have hashtag mosaic if you take photos down here at the museum with the hashtag to you revolutionary, actually creating a mosaic image of the building using those, using those images, and take away a souvenir photo when you leave that will printout if you tag it, businesses also have all support of special going on. so great weekends, we recommend people book on line, the ticket are timed, but they're good for two consecutive days. so you can common saturday, come back sunday, and i guarantee you need more than
6:40 am
one day to see all we have to offer here. >> thank you very carefully curated and created exhibitions here the doors open at 9:30, extended hours, for the weekends. so if you want to come on down again, 9:30 this morning. for now, liver in old city, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> very busy day ahead, thank you so much, anita. and speaking of busy, security senses up for the march for science in washington. estimated 150,000 people are expected to gather on the mall there. then march to the capitol. it raises awareness on climate change. still ahead: remembering singer prison the one year anniversary of his death. and up next, how fans are vowing to make sure his legacy and his music live on. >> plus, the newest disney movie celebrates nature. we take you on location to one of the most remote areas in the world. we will be right back.
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>> a lodge weekends of party, now underway, in suburban minneapolis to mark the first anniversary every prince's death. fans are got their to celebrate the singer's live and to mourn his death from an accidental overdose. don champion has more from minneapolis. >> fans from around the world, are converging on the minneapolis area this weekend, to remember prince. >> prince was everything to me. >> ♪
6:44 am
>> principal look alike drove ten hours to see where his idol lived and work. like many others, he also came foreclosure. >> now that i'm here, i feel a lot better, and i think i'm able to just mover on with my life. >> cathy jackson paid $549 for her ticket to tour paisley park, which is now a museum. >> i was just? awe, just being, where he was. >> prince rogers nelson died april 21, 2016 at the age every 57 from an overdose of the opioid fentanyl. the medical examiner ruled his death an accident, but police continue to investigate. >> prince would often give surprise performances, now this weekend, hosting dance parties, block party in his memory. fans say they just want to be near others, who feel the same lost. >> there has been so much love, so much laughter, but a lot of tears.
6:45 am
people are mourning together, and getting through it together, and it has been magical weekend so far. >> minneapolis still embraces prince as its favorite son, buildings and bridges, will glow in purple light here, through the weekend. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning, saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live from new york with the preview. good morning. >> being called election autopsy. the new book shattered, goes behind the scenes, of the failed hillary clinton campaign, including surprising details, about the final moments of the race. >> plus heath ledger career was short but his work unforgettable. we will talk to the actor's sister and film maker behind new documentary about the oscar winner. >> he is front man, but chris colonel also successful writer of song for film. we will talk with him about his latest project for the
6:46 am
movie promise. he'll perform in our saturday session. >> all of that plus your eye opener and the dish just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. looking forward to it, we'll see in you about 15 minute, thank you. >> today setter day, annual event world-wide, that celebrates the planet's environment. but as nicole brewer tells us, new survey finds americans aren't convinced or headed in the right direction. >> largest civic observance in the worlds with more than billion people taking part in earth day every year. yet, cbs news poll found most every us are pretty pessimistic about the future every our planet? not good. i don't think we're doing enough. >> if we keep up at the rate that we're going then we're in for some trouble. >> i think we're doomed, all of us. >> while most american think it is important to protect the environment -- >> most important thing ever. we live here. you only get one planet. >> 39% say they don't have the time and money to do it. >> yes, that's a very not great approach. >> it is long-term.
6:47 am
people have problems looking long-term. >> the trump administration decision to lift regulations didn't sit well with about half of respondents. >> we've rolled back some of the laws a little too far. >> but, 38% believe it will be a good thing, making it easier for business, to create jobs. there is also political divide when it comes to global warming, democrats, twice as likely as republicans, to say humans are causing it. >> so we're causing it. >> should not be political. the. >> so assert day add vaux cats work to advance the cause, one question remains, what can you do to help? >> small stems, everybody, every day. >> just little bit of education. >> reading fact about what's going on. >> we wouldn't have to go to mars and we'll be fine. >> nicole brewer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> colorful new art display coming to the parkway soon, fire flyers, starting mid
6:48 am
december, 27 glowing pedicabs will drive up and down the parkway from city hall to the art museum, you can check it out for four hours, every night, until october 8th. this is all part of the celebration for the parkway's 100 anniversary. >> but i'm not looking forward to this weekend's forecast? >> no, we've been talking about it all morning, damp, dreary, cooper than we would like it to be, we get ready to wrap up the month of april. this morning, real now different. >> weather watch they are morning, getting them from all over the delaware valley, including down by the shore points. greg wood telling us it is 54 degrees, in ocean view, new jersey. >> unfortunately, not all that good after beach day, we continue with our cloud cover down there. we've had some rain showers through delaware, and dolores, saying, it is 56 degrees. now, not getting, reporting any rain just yet, but it is again little bit damp even in areas through central delaware here this morning. and we're also going to take a
6:49 am
trip, up to the poconos here, 51 degrees this report coming in john jenkins from perkasie, saying it is 51, cloudy, to start out the saturday morning, just north of the city. and overall, it looks like we're going to continue with these temperatures in the 50's, through most of the morning hours, and then we're going to watch the rain come in, we hopefully get to up about 60 degrees, or so this afternoon. we are looking at those temperatures, our weather watchers saying that they're in the lower to maybe mid 50's for many folks, as we get look at the actual weather stations, reporting from across the delaware valley, very similar to reports to what our weather watchers are saying. fifty-five, in dover. waking up, 56 right now in lancaster area, 53, in trenton, 54 allentown, cool spot, as you might expect, mount pocono coming in 45 degrees, just turn minutes before the 7:00 hour, storm scan3, showers, across the southern part of the delaware valley, atlantic city down toward cape may, some shower
6:50 am
activity for you precipitation moving off the coals, another round quickly on its heals, delaware, maybe little more moderate rainfall just toward the cape may area. baltimore, washington, there was pretty decent line of some shower activity around there. that was moving northward, started to fizzle out little bitment you can see, back into areas sill dry, but we are going to see that rain move in here sooner that's right than later because the frontal system sit off to the south, two areas of low pressure casino every seeing them move a lot of moisture into the region feeding those showers go through the day today, cool to go along with the rain. this area of low pressure down to the south, that's eventually going to track a little bit further to the north as it does it bridges more chances for rain maybe cooler temperatures as well. getting recap for the next couple every days, cool and rainy saturday bert of the weekends days tomorrow, we
6:51 am
could see sunshine, again, temperatures that may be on little warmer than today 7:00, 54 degrees, by the time to lunch time, 56, with again that shower activity, going with high temperatures today in the lower 60s, across much of the delaware valley. phils play the braves, win two in a row, 58 degrees, at first pitch. it will be cloudy, cool, and don't forget the umbrella, poncho or rain jacket just in case, looking for few showers in the 7:00 time frame. for today little bit of fog early on, that's going to clear out, clouds and showers for us in the afternoon, 06 degrees for afternoon high. tonight should remain dry for majority of the evening, 45, for the overnight low temperature, trying to clear out the skies, to hopefully more of mostly cloudy evening than completely overcast night. sixty-three for the high sunday. we go with high of only 58 on monday, a chilly, chilly start to our work week, 606 actuals, as that front and low finally clear the region, we start to warm up, and we start to dry
6:52 am
out for the middle and end of our coming work week, wednesday, 71 degrees, and then we're up into the 70s again on thursday, as well as friday, jan? >> matt, thank you. disney nature celebrating earth day with it newest film. born in china a rare look inside part of a world that few have seen, our ukee washington talked with film makers with this special movie event. >> we were the first film crew in the chain high plateau, 16,000 feet above sea level. once they landed in japan it, took them ten days to get there. >> and when viewers experience what the film crew discovered, the expression on their faces, yep, probably something like that. >> the landscape itself is so stunningly beautiful. it is something that we, as westerners, have never been privy to. >> many chinese have not been privy to that. >> the film explores the circle of life in an up close and very personal way. with the lifestyles after mining, panda, and leopard,
6:53 am
being shown like never before. >> we have been able to work with the greatest sin photographers, wildlife in the world. >> china is the only place in the worlds where giant pandas like yay a and her newborn daughter my my liver in the wilds. >> guys working in the field with the pandas, actually, dawned panda suit, that had panda scent on them, so that they wouldn't scare the pandas away. >> sure. and way up in the treetops, golden snub nose monkeys are an endangered species. >> the monkeys are another story. they love to perform for the cameras. >> unlike the snow leopards, wary of humans, not easy to observe, study or film. >> shea more, the cinema to go photographer, literally took him 909 days before he got his first shot. >> so you can imagine what it is like whether sin mattick splendor is finally captured by the crew. >> you actually see some behind the scenes footage, at the end of the film.
6:54 am
they're just cranked. >> just the emotion, roy wants movie-goers to have about this film, the visual, thought provoking message. >> these films, you want to touch the hearts. you want to educate. but you also want to show kids and adult, the wonder of life. >> and to appreciate what we have on this earth, and appreciating it we need to protect.
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> matt, gloomy weekend? >> rainy day today, tomorrow, break for sure. 06 degrees for the high temperature today, rain showers starting to work their
6:57 am
way in, that will be our case throughout the rest of the afternoon. and then 63 tomorrow. look for little sunshine for us. >> all right, matt, thank you, welcome to the team. happy to have you. that's cbs-3 "eyewitnes cbs-3 "" for now, we may be signing off on tv, always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend, everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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